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We welcome you to Buy Dreamcatchers
 Buy Dreamcatchers offers one of the largest dreamcatcher selections available on-line. If you’re looking for high quality leather dreamcatchers made in America, you’ve come to the right place. We offer one of the largest selections of dreamcatchers made in America. Buy dreamcatchers in 8 different sizes and styles, with 13 different colors to choose from and 21 different team color dreamcatchers.  Buy Dreamcatchers, Arizona Indian jewelry and Bearlanders Trading co are one in the same business, selling authentic American Indian dreamcatchers online since May of 2000.  While we continue to arrange Buy Dreamcatchers, please visit us  at and to purchase or Buy Dreamcatchers.  Buy Dreamcatchers; we will sell you the highest quality dreamcatchers made in America. Buy Dreamcatchers at affordable prices!  

Here at Buy Dreamcatchers each dream catcher is shipped with a certificate of authenticity attached. Buy dreamcatchers knowing that your dream catcher is made by Navajo Indians and made in America. The importance of buying dreamcatchers made in America is Authenticity (crafted by Navajo), supporting the Navajo craftsmen and supporting your fellow Americans while in the pursuit of capturing your dreams.

Dreamcatchers transend all cultures, dreamcatchers are no longer limited to the American Indian way of life. In todays society dreamcatchers represent the capacity to capture good dreams in life. It is suggested that you hang your dreamcatcher over your bed or in your bedroom window. Many people hang their dream catcher from the rear view mirrow of their car as a symbol of capturing the American dream!

The story or legend of the dreamcatcher is as follows; It is believed that each carefully woven dreamcatcher web will catch your dreams in the night. The bad spirit dreams will get caught in the web and disappear. Any bad dreams that may linger in the dreamcatcher web will be trapped by the prayer beads, which are woven into the web and be burned up. The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center of the dreamcatcher and float down the sacred feather where they will then rise up to meet the Great Spirit with the morning sun. 

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Best of all, Buy Dreamcatchers to capture all of your good dreams. Click any photo below for a full description or to Buy dreamcatchers. Since this site does not allow a secure checkout process we direct you to our secure Yahoo store, Arizona Indian Jewelry where you will find a secure incrypted checkout. We NOW accept Paypal on our secure site, making it much easier for you to buy dreamcatchers with various payment methods.
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Buy Dreamcatchers made in America by Navajo, American Indians. When you buy dreamcatchers made in America you help support your fellow Americans and you receive the highest quality dreamcatcher available in the US marketplace. All of our dreamcatchers are made in America, All of our Dreamcatchers have a certificate of authenticity attached. To get started, click on any photo or link, you will be directed to our secure Yahoo site Arizona Indian with credit card and Paypal options.
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Wedding Favor Dreamcatchers - Buy Dreamcatchers for your wedding favors. Our dream catchers make great wedding favors to give away at your wedding and to hang as decorations at your wedding reception.
We sell wholesale 2 inch dream catchers in a quantity of 100. Your Wholesale price for 100 dream catchers is $3.99 each, this price includes shipping. Our dream catchers are made in America, they make the perfect Wedding Favor, whether you prefer White, Pink, Blue, Beige or an assortment of colors, we can accommodate your wishes. If you want all one color, please let us know in the comments section of your order. Our dream catchers are handcrafted by American Indians of the Dine / Navajo tribe. Because our dreamcatchers are handcrafted, It usually takes about 3 weeks to have them made for you.

Our dream catchers are authentic and each dream catcher has a certificate of authenticity attached. We have some quantities on hand in assorted colors, some large quantities will have to be made for you, shipping takes 2 days to 3 weeks from time of purchase, depending on the quantity you need (again, we have some quantities on hand) call us at 702-567-9126 if you need assistance. If you need less than 100, we also offer a discount.
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Each Dream catcher we sell is made by Navajo Indians and has a Certificate of Authenticity attached.
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